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InSol® provides different types of leads for insurance agents just to make their life easier. The leads generated by the company are qualified leads and medical screening is done for leads. Telemarketing leads are generally expensive because it requires great deal of professionalism to get leads through telemarketing.

Many companies simply sell a list of leads to you when you buy from them. The outdated contact information in the list is of no use to you even when the leads were generated using telemarketing. You need appointments with your leads so that you can talk to them and get them to buy insurance from you. It is better to buy Medicare supplement leads that have undergone medical screening.

If you want to spend less and don't want the screening to be done, you can get simple Medicare advantage leads. The company sells you appointments with the leads which mean that the leads will be waiting for you to contact them. It is easy to sell insurance to really interested persons who are waiting to talk to you so that you will suggest a better insurance plan for them.

With the help of consistent supply of Medigap leads from InSol®, you can concentrate on the core business. Many insurance agents are happy with the leads as they are able to close a maximum percentage of leads. Fresh and exclusive leads make life easy for you as you don't have to compete with anyone to get to the leads.

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