Turning 65 Leads
Turning 65 sales leads (t65 leads) in the form of scheduled appointments or telemarketing sales leads are now available for Medicare supplement insurance sales agents. Our Turning 65 Leads (Seniors who are 64 or 65 years of age) are exclusive.

Over 10 years of experienced call center will generate you quality sales prospects in the form of scheduled appointment with senior(s) who are interested to hear about your Medicare insurance products. Our telemarketing lead generating center furnished with the modern computer and dialing technologies, we can provide you with as many prospects you can handle per day, in an average agents are ordering 3 to 5 scheduled appointment daily or up to 10 telephone conference leads.

By using our marketing services you will get an advantage before your other competitors on selling your Medicare product and also cross-sell other senior insurance products like a final expense plans.

No more cold calling and expensive mailing campaigns, no more setbacks. Take advantage of our Turning 65 Leads now.
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Our Medicare T65 leads are exclusive!

Choose any county you like, unless large county!

Plan working days and hours around your personal schedule!

You will get your prospects daily your email box!

Appointment and Phone Leads scheduled 24-48 hours in advance or less! (FRESH)

No contract is necessary!

Medicare Marketing Information: Medicare Wiki | CMS
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